Yin & Yang Yoga: Complementary Practices

Explore the connection between dynamic and passive expressions of movement.

Yin yoga uses long, slow, close-to-the-ground holds to create good stress on tissues that might otherwise lose resilience. It draws you inside your shape; body and mind can still, change, and become still again.

Yang, the dynamic component, complements the yin, building heat, changing blood flow and engaging yang tissues (primarily muscle).

We’ll juxtapose stillness and gentle movement, and mental states that together inform both practices. Come for the stretches, stay for the rested, meditative outlook!

DIY Props:

  • Blankets: 2 or more bed blankets; throw blankets; plush towels

  • Bolster: 2-3 bed pillows in one pillowcase; a rolled up yoga mat, tied or wrapped in a blanket; foam roller+blankets

  • Blocks: Large soup cans; big cookbooks or dictionaries

  • Strap: Bathrobe belt; scarf


Hipopener Yoga - Katie Cavanagh