Yin yoga is a meditative practice of close-to-the-ground poses, held for 30 seconds to five minutes or more. Gravity acts on the body, gently engaging connective tissue and settling muscle and joint, as the mind exercises the kindly discipline of stilling. Suitable for beginners and advanced yogis; no prerequisites here.

Low-altitude flow

Low-altitude flow is somewhere between yin and all levels vinyasa yoga — staying close to the ground, we’re staying grounded with both measured dynamic movement and long holds, smooth transitions and creative play.


Finding alignment in a fully supported, long-held, easeful pose can be emotionally and physically rewarding. We’ll reconstruct the relationships of head and shoulders, heart and hips — all along the spine. Gentle, and very much for new and experienced yogis alike.

All Levels

At the core of yoga in America, All Levels classes bring us together. We flow through sequences of poses that are thoughtfully constructed to gather breath, movement, effort and ease into one practice, learning to focus on the task immediately at hand. These classes are intentionally inclusive of different body types and levels of experience.

Flow and Restore

Suitable for all levels. A happy balance of exertion and surrender. We will build heat during a creatively sequenced vinyasa flow meant to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. Restorative poses at the end of class will help to release tension and calm the nervous system.


The next step. Some prior yoga experience is expected. Between All Levels and Advanced, the goal of this class is to deepen the individual’s practice through flow, synchronized breathing, and challenging poses. Look for a deep flow with a focus on alignment, giving attention to the variables that make every person’s practice different. This is a perfect class for those who want to get to know their practice better.

Hipopener Yoga - Katie Cavanagh